Saturday, December 21, 2013

Light Princess 2

I'm not sure what to think. This one was a struggle from the beginning. And I almost tossed it half way through.

11x14" pen & ink, gouache

Friday, December 20, 2013


11x14", pen, ink, and gouache
"There was once a witch who desired to know everything. But the wiser a witch is, the harder she knocks her head against the wall when she comes to it. Her name was Watho, and she had a wolf in her mind. She cared for nothing in itself--only for knowing it. She was not naturally cruel, but the wolf made her cruel.
She was tall and graceful, with white skin, red hair, and black eyes, which had a red fire in them. She was straight and strong, but now and then would fall bent together, shudder, and sit for a moment with her head turned over her shoulder, as if the wolf had got out of her mind onto her back."
-George MacDonald, The Day Boy and the Night Girl

Friday, December 13, 2013

Light Princess Painting

oil on canvas, 3'x 4'

"He did not speak again. The princess gave him some wine for the last time: he was past eating. Then she sat down again, and looked at him. The water rose and rose. It touched his chin. It touched his lower lip. It touched between his lips. He shut them hard to keep it out. The princess began to feel strange. It touched his upper lip. He breathed through his nostrils. The princess looked wild. It covered his nostrils. Her eyes looked scared and shone strange in the moonlight. His head fell back; the water closed over it, and the bubbles of his last breath bubbled up through the water. The princess gave a shriek, and sprang into the lake."

-The Light Princess, George MacDonald

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mice in the Piano

Illustrations for a children's story written by a family member. TIL that when scanning, sometimes lead pencil will show up light gray and shadow will get washed out.