Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fall Workshops at the Belin Blank (WINGS)

I was asked to teach two WINGS workshops at the Belin Blank this fall. One was a class on watercolors--easy peasy!

The other was a class on creative circuits. Which was more than a bit outside of my comfort zone. I could figure out the creative part, but figuring out the circuit part proved a little more challenging.

What I came up with was a three hour workshop where students could create a simple circuit with cell batteries, wire, and LEDs. They would then use their circuit to create a light up plush that they cut, embroidered, felted, and sewed themselves.

I had to source some help from my engineering friends when it came to creating this custom circuit. I failed A LOT. But in the end, all the hard work paid off and I could really tell that the students enjoyed the heck out of this class. :)

My younger watercolor kiddos:

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